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Logo exposed Italian wines Chianti Brunello di Montalcino in the world
The campaign of Bolgheri, for important Italian wines Barrels of red wine of Tuscany Chianti vine leaves major white wine Italian wine barrels. Aging of red wines The Tuscan countryside in the autumn, the realm of Italian red wine Italian white wine and sparkling in the winter
Aledaexport specializzata commercio estero, commercio Asia, agente Asia, Aledaexport professional company for trading with asian countries, agent for Asia Aledaexportのワインショップ。インターネット上のオンラインネットワークでのワインの販売。赤ワインと白ワイン、ワインやイタリアとヨーロッパのワインの販売。 Aledaexportは、トスカーナ、キャンティ、ブルネロ、ヴィンサントとスパークリングワインからワインの販売を専門としています。

Trading company since 1978, about 40 years of experiece in international trade with asian countries

We have improved our knowledge in international trade, promotion and marketing of italian wines in asian markets particulary Japan and Singapore, thanks to our great passion for wine.

So we choose to collaborate only with medium-small wineries which are producing high quality products, with real "wine makers" who respect their terroirs and the italian traditional methods of wine making.

Logo exposed Italian wines Chianti Brunello di Montalcino in the world
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